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           Hornet Park is a 14 acre park featuring a picnic area and open lawn. It is adjacent to Beech Grove High School and connected to Hornet Park Elementary. Primarily, this park is the site of the Hornet Park Community Center and the Beech Grove Parks Office. The center also houses meeting and banquet rooms and a fully equipped fitness center. 

          Several acres of woods are on the site. A walking path and bridge have been constructed through part of the wooded area which remains mostly undeveloped for recreation. The Parks Board and Parks Department are committed to preserving this wooded area in its natural state.

          The Hornet Park Community Center is committed to serving the youth and families in the Beech Grove Community.  All park programs are open to the public and are always free or low cost to allow everyone access to fun, affordable, educational activities designed to build community.  

Meet the staff! 

Amy Spudic, Pantry Manager

Amy Spangler, Facility Manager

Tom Hannan, Park Director

For general information or questions about booking a room:

Email us at


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