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Shelter Rentals

Picnic shelters are available to rent from May 1st until mid-October in Sarah T. Bolton Park and Don Challis Park.  All shelters have electrical outlets and are near a playground and restrooms.


The rental rate is $65 per day for Beech Grove Residents and $100 per day for corporate events and non-residents.

Shelters are rented on a first come first serve basis.  

Reservations can be made in person at Hornet Park Community Center or by can be booked online.  Reservations are not secured until payment has been made and your permit has been issued.

Reservations for the 2024 season will begin on January 1, 2024.  

Please acknowledge and follow ALL park rules:


       Rental hours: 8am-8pm 

  • Rental fees are non-refundable, reservation fees must be paid upon booking.

  • A reservation must be made with the Parks Department and the rental fee must be paid in order to obtain a shelter rental permit.  This permit reserves the shelter for your private event. By signing this, you agree to follow all of the terms of this shelter rental.                                                

  • No vehicles are allowed in the grass areas.  All picnic supplies must be carried in or brought in by other means.

  • No nails, staples, or thumbtacks can be used to affix decorations to any plant, tree, table or structure. 

  • ALL trash needs to be placed in the trash receptacles provided. Pick up all trash left in the shelter area, fields and playground area.

  • No open fires or table top grills allowed.                                                  

  • Charcoal and gas grills are allowed OUTSIDE of the shelter structure, ONLY.

  • Consuming alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances is prohibited.

  • Bounce houses, trampolines, food vendors, or carnival games are prohibited. 

  • It is unlawful to drive golf balls, fly model planes or drones, launch model rockets, practice archery or shooting.  

  • Please help keep the parks clean, leave the shelter as you found it, collect all trash and place tables in the original position.

  • Maximum capacity for each shelter is 50, group size is limited to 100

Sarah T. Bolton Park


Hilltop Shelter

Hilltop Playground

Hilltop Playground


Hilltop Restrooms

Beech Shelter

Beech Shelter


Tulip Shelter


Sycamore Shelter


Playground near Beech, Tulip and Sycamore Shelters



Turtle and Swings

Turtle and Swings

Don Challis Park

Challis Shelter

Don Challis Park Shelter


Playground at Don Challis Park

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